Professional Development – Training Programs

While chained to the ground,
man can never develop all his abilities.
We should take wings and subdue the skies.
‘The mission is simple’, coach said, ‘imagine that I tell each one of you: go to the market and buy six cold ExtraHop beers. However, there are only two cold ExtraHop. There are other brands in the refrigeration showcase: one more expensive and one – quite cheaper. There is ExtraHop, but only warm. What would you buy and why?

George was already third hour participating with his other colleagues in the training in effective communication. He was a bit skeptical about the event, but he went because he was appointed as a governor of one of the company shops pretty soon and the management demanded presence on these trainings. It turned out that the devil was not that dark: they didn’t read boring, long-lasting lectures, but discussed real cases. The colleagues share their hard and soft experience and all this might be not only interesting, but also useful. Here, this mission now was easy at first sight…

‘I’ll take the two cold and four warm ExtraHop. While we drink the two cold ones, the other will get ready in the refrigeratory.’ George leaned back contentedly and wondered how many of his colleagues thought of the same. Everyone, he thought. Only Spiridon could think out something genius, he always thought out such things, that’s why he worked in advertizing department.

After the exercise George stayed fixed his gaze on his notes and clicked his tongue quietly.
He wrote down all the answers:
Dragomir: ‘Hm, if there is no ExtraHop, I’d take other – it’s all beer, what’s important is the one to be cold and to have enough money.’
Spiridon: ‘I don’t drink beer anyway. I’d take the two ExtraHop and four cold, sweat, calling me… sodas.’
Chavo: ‘I’d call you and ask what to do. You might not like cheap beer.’
Ogy: ‘I’d take four of the expensive cold beers. If we’ll drink, we’d want quality, right?’
Buba: ‘Well, it is not that hot now, so the beers would not be warm. And, besides, it’s not good for the throat. I’d take warm beers.’

Well, well, George thought, smoking cigarette on the stairs, so people do not understand each other sometimes, because different things are important for everyone. And, talking to each other, we carry on by feeling and by inference, relying on this that others think like us. Obviously something should change if I want my people to understand me and to do exactly what I found necessary.

George looked again at the schedule of trainings envisaged for this year. A title ‘Motivation???’ goggled at him, and ‘Manager – Description and Diagnosis’ peeped next. It seems these people are enjoying themselves, smiled faintly George and went into the room…

More about training programs

It is well-known that the effect of training programs could be seen in time and investment in this kind of training are more in the long run. This does not mean that the effects and benefits cannot be specified: we will try to do it now.

The effect of a training program could be viewed it two main ways: a reduction (savings) and increase of various factors and aspects related to development of each company:

Тренинг програми

It is time to give some examples:

Trainings related to the basic managerial competencies save time and resources and reduce the risks, and also improve the quality of planning activities and processes.
The effectiveness of the operative control is improved; the risk of making mistakes in the process of projects implementation is reduced.

An additional positive effect is reduction the stress level and conflicts among employees.

Trainings related to personnel management, motivation and team compatibility impact on improving efficiency and initiative of employees; create conditions for creativity and innovation within the teams; reduce the fluctuation.

The level of commitment to company and company goals and values is maintained and increased.

Trainings related to time management are aimed at effectively arranging priorities, minimizing unnecessary activities, thereby increasing managers’ effectiveness, allowing them to focus on essential to achieve company goals activities.

Trainings related to communication skills exert positive influence on mistakes and misunderstandings; reduce conflicts of individual and team level, and support better customer service and improving of sales and presentation skills.

Trainings related to communication are proper for all employees.

Training programs aimed at the commercial and presentation skills of employees are directly related to increasing sales and attracting new clients.

Increasing employees’ confidence and loyalty and strengthen sense of belonging to the company that invests in them is an additional effect.

Trainings related to customer service directly correspond to improving the quality of goods and services, increasing the number of regular customers and attracting new ones based on current clients’ recommendations.

Teambuilding is suitable for all teams, managers and employees that are interconnected on the activities implemented and the objectives to achieve.

Basic effects are related to improving of team compatibility and effectiveness in the interaction within the team and between individual units. For more information on the teambuilding, see the section dedicated to this type of training.