Ребята, давайте жить дружно! Кот Леопольд
George woke up and wandered where he was. He was governor of a shop in the Big Stone LTD for already a year and principally liked his job, colleagues and salary. He succeeded to establish a good reputation both in the shop he ruled and among the big bosses. So, George woke up and wandered where he is.

‘Borovets!’ a thought came, followed by second: ‘Teambuilding’. Bit by bit his thoughts started to do their morning gym:

‘What will happen?’ wandered one, ‘I wander if we’ll make a full of us?’ second hesitated, ‘What will we have for breakfast?’ fourth, which was still under the influence of the three last night’s drinks, split.

A knock came at the door, while George was trying to put in order his mental herd. It was an enigmatic and mysterious knock in complete contradiction to the bright sun and the green meadows outside. Our hero opened the door, but saw no one. A cylinder rolled in front of him. There was a letter in it:

Dear George, your colleagues had already set off for their adventure. Why are you still lounging? If you hurry, you could find them ‘there, where it’s started with the first, went on to the next and ended with the third’. Good luck and don’t be late, because a warrior alone often gets into trouble.

George peeped into the cylinder and pulled out rolled map, which, however, didn’t help him a lot, for he couldn’t understand how exactly to turn it.

‘My, what now’ he scratched his pate thoughtfully, ‘I was dreaming for breakfast, and what happen!’ But his thoughts, already woken up and built in the array, moved: from first… to seeeecond, and third also…!?

‘Place? No, it doesn’t sound good somehow.’

‘Hm, first, second and third… quarter!? No, this also doesn’t fit, there is nothing, hinting for terms, targets and knotty shop assistants.

‘Wait, wait’ the intoxicated thought cried out, ‘first, second and third is equal to soup, dish and sweetie. I.e. at the double quick march to the restaurant, ah? OK? Let’s try, please!’ The flame of victory began to shine in George’s eyes. Not only the puzzle was solved, but the answer led him to the oasis of the morning coffee and fried eggs he needed desperately now.

Hah, he thought, this is not bad at all…

From now on the events for George developed in the following sequence:

He reached the restaurant and find out he was not mistaken: everyone was already there; He snatched a meal and grouped in a team with a few colleagues, part of which he knew only by name;

Suddenly, before they can say, everybody was running to and fro, involved in different missions, which appeared in various strange ways;

He had to use his mind, feet, hands, to show how to shoot, run, etc.

A few times it turned out that overcoming an obstacle led to another, harder, but as interesting as the previous one. At a time George made out that his colleague Kiselichki from the Logistics Department is already Tsetso and actually is quite funny and cool guy, and his colleague Pepa from the Accounting Department, with which he never could get along about the movement of invoices, is probably right that his requests are a bit far-fetched. All this happened unnoticeably, while planning strategy to release a hostage.

George also managed to succeed something he fought for already three months: to pluck up courage and ask for repair of his lame bureau.

‘You got it, man’ Eftim the Steward grinned, ‘why you didn’t ask earlier’.

How could he know that for George Eftim personified his ex-tutor on industrial arts in high school, who slapped him not once and twice…

Teambuilding: Ways to Use

Objectives of Teambuilding

Purpose of teambuilding is determined by the momentary needs of the company and may be associated with building new teams, increasing the level of teamwork in existing ones, strengthening and implementation of goals, values and vision for the development of the company.

Besides the specific benefits, derived from achieving the targets, teambuilding has a motivating and anti-stress effect; participants are positive about the search for solutions to various problems related to their working lives.

In creating a teambuilding, “…” Ltd. pays attention not only to good technical preparation and organization at the time of the event, but pre increasing the interest and motivation of the participants through different activities when possible.

Teambuilding is a comprehensive conception with set inception, history and end, leading to achieve the objectives.

Depending on the objectives, the number of people, time and resources, “…” Ltd. can develop three main schemes for teambuilding, as the games in it are in compliance with the above factors, as well as with characteristics of participants.

І. Save Stamat Mission

Suitable for a team of 12-14 participants. Duration: from 2 to 8 hours.

Teambuilding description:

The team should release a colleague from assailants, passing through various games (missions) set by ‘the bad guys’. The successful completion of each of the games allows them to proceed or to earn an object or an instruction of particular importance for the ultimate success.
Games are focused on group interaction, commitment to common goals for the team, effective communication and creating a positive experience dealing with group assignments.

Sample schedule for a group of 12-14 people:
teambuilding 1

ІІ. About Bred, Steaks and More…

Suitable for teams of 20 to 90 people. Duration: from 4 to 8 hours.

Teambuilding description:
Depending on their number, participants are divided into several teams. Groups pass through various games in rotation. Each group passes through every game, trying to collect points from it. All the teams together should collect maximum points in order to reach the goals set in the teambuilding.
The games included in this type of teambuilding combine active physical activities with logic, good general knowledge, strategic thinking, technical skills and group work.
Emphasis is placed also upon the role of individual teams to achieve the common goal for all.
Some of the games are designed so that the results of the previous team are a prerequisite for successful implementation of the next group’s task.
The finish can be modified to the specific goals of teambuilding.
Sample schedule for teambuilding for group of 80 – 90 people. Each team consists of equal number of participants allocated to pre-established lists tailored to the specific objectives of the activity. teambuilding 3
Scheme described above is indicative and may be changed depending on the number of participants and provided for teambuilding time.

III. Operational center

Suitable for teams of 30 to 60 people. Duration: from 2 to 6 hours.

Teambuilding description:
Participants are divided into at least 3 teams depending on their number. Then each of the teams determines one, two or more participants forming the so called operational center. Thus there are three field teams and one acting as an operational center. Field teams consistently perform a number of tasks, some of which are associated with finding instructions, treasure or items related to their ultimate goal. At times they will need help, which could be provided by the operational center only.
People from the center have different tasks, mostly logical-cognitive, but sometimes also have physical activity. The solution of these tasks gives the operational center answers of some of the tasks of field teams.
Teambuilding focuses on communication and interdependence between the various teams within the company. Achieving goals is not possible if each of the teams did not deal effectively with the challenges of teamwork, effective communication between different departments and compliance deadlines.

Sample schedule for a group of 40 people divided in 5 teams.
teambuilding 4


These games are indicative and may be adjusted depending on the requirements of the environment, time and participants. Most of the activities can be included in each of the above schemes for the event.
Depending on the objectives, ‘…’ Ltd. can create new games and activities, directly corresponding to the specifics of teambuilding.

Faberge… and More

Prerequisites for successful passage through the game:
  • Good coordination and communication between players;
  • Physical activity;
  • Ability to adopt and apply quickly new skills from all players in the game;
  • Accurate hands and eyes.
The game:
It consists of several stages, as the main goal is to carry as much raw eggs as possible from the start to the end point of the route and then a number of targets to be hit with the eggs won.

Casino Royale

Prerequisites for successful passage through the game:
  • Combinativeness and flexibility at team level;
  • Ability to risk assessment and decision making in a continuously changing situation;
  • Proper assessment of skills and knowledge of individual players;
  • Skills for effective transmission and perception of information;
  • Intuition and luck.
The game:
The whole team plays three gambling games against casino. At the beginning of the game the group has a budget, as the condition is at the final this amount to reach a fixed value.

Mad Librarian

Prerequisites for successful passage through the game:
  • Good general knowledge
  • Balance between logic and imagination;
  • Ability to concentrate and hold attention;
  • Very good communication skills;
  • Succession and planning during the game;
  • Very good teamwork skills.
The game:
A sequence of questions covering different areas: literature, art, geography, history and more, served as a multimedia presentation. Each of the questions gives the team a certain number of points. Players aim is to achieve a predetermined minimum of points that will allow them to pass this game.

Songs and Dances of the Peoples

Prerequisites for successful passage through the game:
  • Commitment to team goals;
  • Physical activity and skills for coordination between players;
  • Good mood;
  • Sense of rhythm and a positive attitude.
The game:
Within an hour, participants will learn the basic steps of a specific dance. The task will be considered successfully passed when each of the teams makes a brilliant display of their dancing skills.

Peculiarities of Bulgarian Treasure-Hunting

Prerequisites for successful passage through the game:
  • Keenness of observation and logic;
  • Ability to exchange information;
  • Commitment to achieving the goals of the team;
  • Good skills for planning activities within the game;
  • Physical activity, consistency and coordination of efforts.
The game:
Performing a series of tasks, participants must find a treasure that will be necessary for successful completion of the specific game or to achieve the ultimate goal.

Pay Forward

Prerequisites for successful passage through the game:
  • Very good coordination and proper distribution of roles within the team;
  • Some technical skills;
  • Physical activity and mobilization of all players;
  • Planning skills;
  • Good communication between participants.
The game:
The main and final goal of the game is to build a construction under prior assignment. Each of the teams passes consecutively through the "construction site" with a specific task. The work of each team depends on the results of the previous team.

Where to Go Now

Prerequisites for successful passage through the game:
  • Logical thinking and spatial orientation;
  • Keenness of observation, good general knowledge and sense of humor;
  • Good communication and teamwork;
  • Physical activity.
The game:
Team orientation in a certain area on instructions, pictures and signs placed in advance. Instructions and routes have been prepared in accordance with the terrain for the teambuilding, which includes other attractions when possible.

Besides the above games, The Staff, the Decisions and the Success Ltd. offers other activities, different in content and requirements for participants. The aim is to achieve most complete and proper content of teambuilding, which will achieve not only a high degree of commitment from the participants, but also the set in the event goals.