Is everyone satisfied?Machiavelli
Big Stone LTD was looking for a senior expert. The advertisement immediately made an impression on George with its clear criteria, professional style and the lack of spelling errors. I will apply, he decided and a week later he was already at the company’s office, waiting to be interviewed. Well, the manager who was to meet our hero was a bit late, but…

George used the time to look around.

Mhmm, he thought, people in the Big Stone were either very busy or were very good at pretending to work very hard. At this moment a man came up to George hurriedly, starting to talk before he had introduced himself: George, right? I’m sorry I’m late, but just look at the bedlam around. Come on, come with me, time is short!

And before George knew it, he was settled in the coffee room, in the midst of a torrent of explanations and a few questions… and everything ended within fifteen minutes.

He liked me, George thought on his way back, and, as I see it, I’m the favorite for the position. But how he knew I was suitable for the job, what I will be doing exactly and what the conditions are – that’s what I did not understood. But the man looks decent and I’ll try my luck if they invite me.

I’m sick of all this pressure and lack of time, the manager thought. I neither paid attention to the man, nor focused on the things he told me. And, it isn’t even my job to do the whole recruitment… But the man looks decent. I’ll hire him I don’t have the time for any more interviews. Well, I think I saw a book on recruitment; maybe I should get it from the secretary. That’ll give me c chance to talk to Lenny, I might finally ask her out…

More about Recruitment

We will try to make an objective (hopefully) comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of an external recruitment company and recruitment by a company employee.
Note: the current comparison is valid mainly for companies which do not have a Human Resources department.


The staff, the decisions and the success Ltd.Big Stone Ltd.
1. More people participate in all stages of recruitment and selection, which reduces time and minimizes the risk of discontinuation of processes due to lack of personnel. 1. The officer conducting the selection is familiar in detail with the specifics of the position, which allows detailed description of the experience, motivation and skills of candidates.
2. Availability of regularly updated database of candidates, a network of business contacts, helping involvement of certain candidates. 2. Knows people in the company and can determine more accurately which one of the candidates can take the vacancy and to involve him/her
3. A large and systematic experience in recruitment and selection of staff. Knowledge of all channels to reach candidates. 3. The officer conducting the selection in most cases is the supervisor of the vacancy, which significantly increases the probability to "fit" with candidate
4. Using different methodologies and tools for recruitment and selection: this gives access to a significantly higher number of candidates, objective assessment and reduces the risk of selection of inappropriate candidates.  4. The company has established professional contacts in the sector, which allows it to reach certain candidates.
5. The main responsibility of the team dealing with selection is selection itself. 5. Professional contacts enable faster finding of objective references for candidates running in the same sector.
6. The risk of miscalculation, based on lack of time, experience, partiality and personal bias is minimized. Avoid subjective factor in recruitment.  6. Saves fees and additional communication beyond the usual. 
7. Saves time  
8. There is a guarantee for the appointed through The staff, the decisions and the success Ltd. candidate.   
9. The management of the Big Stone Ltd. takes the final decision.  9. The management of the Big Stone Ltd. takes the final decision. 


The staff, the decisions and the success Ltd.Big Stone Ltd.
1. More intensive communication between The staff, the decisions and the success Ltd. and the Big Stone LTD is needed in all stages of recruitment and selection of candidates.  1. The person, responsible for the recruitment usually is manager, who has other, more urgent and important duties that would hinder the focus of attention. 
2. People, providing the recruitment are not always familiar in detail with professional specifics of the vacancy, which is why initially they seek more information from the Big Stone Ltd.  2. In most cases, lack of systematic training and experience in recruitment and selection of candidates, leading to increased risk of hiring the less suitable candidate, as well as increasing the time for selection.
3. Costs money. 3. Costs time and nerves.